Free Healthy Cooking on a Budget

Free Healthy Cooking Book!

HCH_Cookbook_newsCountry Doctor Community Health Centers is proud to present "Healthy Cooking on a Budget," a free, downloadable recipe book filled with tasty, healthy and affordable recipes for your family. We understand the challenges of healthy eating and believe that nourishing food should be available to everyone, regardless of income.

We designed our recipes to be cost-effective, quick and easy to prepare. Many of the ingredients listed in this book can be found in the food bank or purchased in bulk inexpensively.

We hope these recipes can set you and your family on a path toward affordable nutrition now and in the future.

So, try some of the recipes. Have fun! And don’t hesitate to bring any question you have about nutrition to your medical provider.

Thanks to our partners

We gratefully acknowledge, Oregon State University Extension and students of The College of Nursing masters’ program at Seattle University (Hannah, Mahshid, and Todd) for contributing recipes for this book. We also thank YWCA of Seattle, our partner in promoting healthy living, and our sponsors — AmeriGroup, Community Health Plan of Washington and Coordinated Care — who made this work possible.

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