Your support can change lives

CDCHC relies on grants, sponsorships and donations to fund many of its programs.

You can help build a stronger, healthier community by supporting our work in Seattle's Capitol Hill and Columbia City neighborhoods.

Reasons to support CDCHC

  • 1.
  • Strong and healthy communities begin with strong and healthy individuals.We're only as strong as the weakest among us.


  • 2.
  • Our clinics were started by community activists to fill a local need. Our clinics are a reflection of the communities they serve.


  • 3.
  • Access to quality health care must be provided for all. Good health care should be a right, not a privilege.


  • 4.
  • We put people before profit. No one is denied care due to an inability to pay.


  • 5.
  • Your donations go far! We make careful use of our donated funds and the impact of good health on an individual's life is immeasurable.

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