Grab some popcorn!!! ...and enjoy these videos about OR provided by CDCHC:

Country Doctor Community Health Centers: We encourage HPV Vaccination

This video was created by Merck & Co. (a pharmaceuticals company) regarding the importance of HPV Vaccinations.

Country Doctor Community Health Centers: An overview

Learn how Country Doctor Community Centers was formed, how our patient programs work, and the difference we're making in patient lives. (NOTE: this video is from our archives, some staff and board members featured may have changed since this was initially filmed.)

Country Doctor Community Health Centers: Patient Stories

We're here when you need us.  (NOTE: this video is dated 2013)

Collaborative Care

Discover how our team of providers — each specialists in their own areas — collaborate and coordinate their efforts for the benefit of each patient.  (NOTE:  this video is dated 2014)

Carolyn Downs Family Medical Center: Residents share their perspective

Carolyn Downs is a prized residency for those who wish to work in a Community Health Center. Hear what our residents have to say about their work with CDCHC.  (NOTE: this video is dated 2014)

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