SEPT-29:  Clinic Staff Honor Linda McVeigh

SEPT-29: Clinic Staff Honor Linda McVeigh

All through September, staff and supporters of Country Doctor have been honoring Linda McVeigh as she approaches her retirement at the end of the month.  Linda is a true pioneer in helping people in our community access high quality medical care.  Over 40 years ago, she and other activists and volunteers committed to providing health care as a right to all people in Seattle, regardless of their ability to pay.  Thanks to her leadership through four decades, Country Doctor has grown to include the Carolyn Downs Family Medical Center in the Central District, the After Hours Clinic on First Hill, and the clinic site on Capitol Hill.  Country Doctor is a keystone in Seattle’s social service network thanks to Linda and the dedicated staff, volunteers, board members, and donors committed to our important mission.

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Darla Bratton

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